Thursday, February 3, 2011

I might be onto something

I feel much better about this past week of travel.  I think planning ahead for the day is necessary for me to be successful. 

I stopped at Whole Foods everyday (Tue - Thurs) on my way from the hotel to the office this week.  I had juice (fresh pressed veggie/juice fruit) and chobani with granola everyday for breakfast.  I bought super tasty (and pricey) berries for snacks.  I also bought lunch (salad, or prepared food bar) to bring into work - this is key because if I eat at the cafeteria, I generally probably hit 700+ calorie with minimal nutrition/staying power. 

One of my co-workers snagged some of my extra fruit last night, and I mentioned how convienent it was to stop on the way to work.  He said that was a great idea.  I ran into the same co-worker today, and he said he didn't stop at whole food because it just takes too much time!?!?!  It is on the way to work. 

I definately need to keep this up. 

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