Thursday, February 3, 2011

I might be onto something

I feel much better about this past week of travel.  I think planning ahead for the day is necessary for me to be successful. 

I stopped at Whole Foods everyday (Tue - Thurs) on my way from the hotel to the office this week.  I had juice (fresh pressed veggie/juice fruit) and chobani with granola everyday for breakfast.  I bought super tasty (and pricey) berries for snacks.  I also bought lunch (salad, or prepared food bar) to bring into work - this is key because if I eat at the cafeteria, I generally probably hit 700+ calorie with minimal nutrition/staying power. 

One of my co-workers snagged some of my extra fruit last night, and I mentioned how convienent it was to stop on the way to work.  He said that was a great idea.  I ran into the same co-worker today, and he said he didn't stop at whole food because it just takes too much time!?!?!  It is on the way to work. 

I definately need to keep this up. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good Day I Guess

Today was a tough work day, but food wise I managed to do pretty good.  I ate 100% from whole foods today.


The yogini juice - this was celery, kale, chard and spinach I believe.  It was terrible.  I think whoever made it made a mistake. I'm definately going to try something different tomorrow
Vanilla chobani w/ flax granol
1 cup of mixed berries


Spicy terriyaki salmon
Roasted butternut squash

2 cups mixed berries
1 cup of organic popcorn that a coworker started snacking on them then left by my computer.  I think I ate that cup before I knew it was there.  Once I realized, I removed the bag from my work area.


Mix of hot and cold salad bar items (the roasted garlic is the best!) 
Chocalate chip cookie - past its prime

Maybe tomorrow I can fit in some exercise?

Monday, January 31, 2011

Grocery Shopping on a Business Trip

I need to set up my day tomorrow to be successful.  There is a Whole Foods on the drive from my hotel to the office, so I think stopping there first thing in the morning is the plan. 

Shopping list:
  • Juice - supposedly they will create your own juice and they juice the fresh veggies right there.  I gotta try this
  • Yogurt - siggis, fage, chobani (never tried) or some other tasty and fancy schmancy single serving yogurt
  • Granola
  • Berries - I love the overpriced fruit.  It's so beautiful and tasty. 
  • Hummus - I have heard a rumor about black bean hummus, gotta try this
  • Cut up veggies - carrots is really all I want.  I really don't like baby carrots, but I might need to just get over it. (no peppers!)
  • Lunch - sushi or a salad or something that I can pull out of a fridge and enjoy later in the day

I think I will stop by Whole Foods again on my way home and hit up the salad bar for dinner.  I just gotta get excited by these healthy foods again! 

They need to make a whole foods rewards program.  They have frequest flyers points for airlines, starwood for hotels, now need need something for the frequent whole fooder!


When it comes to food I am greedy.  Especially when I am traveling on an expense account.  I need to admit this to myself. 

When I am traveling, I order too much food.  I justify it by saying it is a new restuarant, who knows if I will like it.  But seriously, I know I will have food at the next meal, tomorrow etc.  I don't need to treat every dinner like my last meal

This is ridiculous!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I am so frusterated with myself.  I want to be healthy and fit.  I see myself as something I am not anymore.  I see myself as an athlete that should be able to just pick up and do anything new.  But the truth is I am way too heavy to do many things!  Ugh. 

I'm traveling this week and working very long hours.  Once I finally get out of the office, I just want to buy lots of food and go eat it in my room alone.  I don't know why, but I really need to fix this. 

I'm going to make a serious effort on focusing on eating healthy food tomorrow.  I need to remind myself that this is important very important. 

I am going home late tomorrow night and flying out Saturday morning for a mini vacation, then heading strait back to work Tuesday night.  So I wont be home for a serious bit of time until a week from tomorow.  So I have a good week + to work on keeping healthy eating a priority even when on vacation or an expense account (and over worked)!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hitting the road

I work in consulting, and I have to travel to work on the client's site generally Monday - Thursday.  I have been very lucky this last year and only traveled 8 week in 2010.  The travel is the biggest problem I have with this job.  I actually quit it already once, was local for 3+ year and then rejoined early last year. 

I do love my job.  I am constantly learning new things and no two days are ever the same.  I get bored easily, so this is a good fit for me. 

2011 doesn't look like it will be so lucky for me in the travel department, as I am heading out to a new project that is likely to run 6 months and potentially longer!  That is a lot of travel and a lot of time away from my family. 

I have a real hard time eating healthy while traveling.  I love love love eating out, and doing it on an expense account is kind of ridiculous.  Dieting at a restaurant just seems wrong to me.  During my last project I was able to eat several meals at Whole Foods or Starbucks, so hopefully I can work something like that out again.   

My plan for this week is to work my butt off so I start the project right.  I'd like to get some 10-20 minte yoga sessions in in the morning and the evenings, but I expect my free time to be extremely limited this week. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

How am I going to lose weight?

I mentioned that I was pondering a bunch of questions in an effort to get on (and stay on) the weight loss path. 

I think this question (How am I going to lose weight?) is the easiest of the questions:
  • How am I going to lose this weight?

  • What am I willing to sacrifice/change in order to make it happen?

  • Am I ready?

  • Why is weight my struggle?

  • And finally: WHY do I want to lose weight?

  • So to lose weight I need to burn more calories than I consume.  I think the best way to do this is to combine eating smaller healthy portions with a somewhat rigorous exercise program. 

    Tada - simple.  The next questions will require me getting into some more difficult questions.