Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Caught Up

Like I mentioned yesterday I have been trying to catch up to my running plan (the couch to 5 K).

Well today I completed week 7 day 3 which is right back on schedule. 

3 mins @ 3.0 mph
25 mins @ 5.0 mph
3 mins @ 3.0 mph

Total 2.38 miles in 31 mins

I was hoping to run 30 - 35 mins today, but I got tired and knew that 25 minutes would be enough to meet the C25K plan. 

So the next few runs will be increasing run time until I'm running 3 miles strait.  Then I will transition into working on increasing my speed. 

I'm thinking about running the Northshore love fun.  This is a 4 miles or10K run on Feb 13th.  I don't know about running in the winter because I'm worried about slipping and injuring myself.  I still need to plan out my races for this late winter and spring, but I have been having trouble making a decision.

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