Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Work strikes again

My job is really kind of a problem for me.  I have a hard time balancing family, work and time for myself.  I work as a management consultant and inevitably have some very long days.  Since I work on projects with difinitive end dates, I also tend to have some down time in between projects. 

During my down time I tend to develop very specific plans of what to eat and how much to work out.  I ussually do very well until something from work pops up.  Then work generally gets a good 12+ hours of my attention until whatever is being worked on is done.

After I have spent 12 hours working on something I want to spend time with my son and husband and mybe even have some time to relax myself.  I don't generally feel like spending an hour + to go to the gym or do an exercise video.  I ussually feel less eager to cook a healthy meal at home. 

I kind of feel like any time away(even after 12 hours) from work during these busy spells is bad and that I am playing hookey - which is nutzo!

So this has happened again.  I recieved an e-mail yesterday from my boss asking me to help out on a project.  I am, and the work is interesting.  But I have not worked out today, and I don't particularily feel like working out.  I have had a healthy breakfast, lunch and snack, but I am eagerly hoping for an unhealthy dinner. 

Arg!  I might just go make some shrimp and try and force myself to break this cycle. 

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